Air Lift 3P Air Ride Suspension for 2017 Honda Civic

This is 2017 Honda Civic on airlift three-peat with dual vienna for four floors seamless tank and very conversion on the d2

What we did was we utilized this d2 coil over and converted it to air suspension using the universal airstrut bag. It’s called an arrow spotlight and also utilizing some thread billet brackets and some especially machine billet brackets. The bottom bracket is threaded perfectly to match the thread pitch and the size of all different coil doors and that makes this essentially on one piece coil over one piece air stress on the top. What it does is it’s made to actually fit the bearing or the housing for the original top. The way that it is now so what we’re gonna do is we’re going to throw these on you still get all the camber adjustment off of the top.


I got the I have the rear suspension. I’m ready to show you this is a bracket sets that we make in-house. We utilize some pre-made laser-cut bracketry so it comes out really clean but we literally make this in-house. And this bracket is offset in the rear it’s what we call a stand-alone airbag because it is not connected to a strut right. There’s a shock next to the bag and the bag stands alone, it’s just like a coil springs we call it a standalone and we utilize the universal airbag.

This Honda Civics on the d2 one-piece air struts and they’re a sleeve bag and sometimes those sleep bags get a little bit different ride than an actual single bellows rep bag. This is a d2 coil over and the DJ coil over has the military that we showed earlier that adapted right to it.

When you activate the air ride suspension kit automatically bring the car to that ride height every time. You don’t need any prior experience with air ride at all any kind of air suspension experience to feel comfortable driving a car on air ride with a kit. It’s all automated lifts ride up also you don’t need an alignment unless you’re gonna drive at different ride height.

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