Do You Know How to Remove Ice From the Windshield in Winter

The presence of ice on the windshield is a serious problem in the winter and must remove before starting the march and trying not to damage it

Winter brings many problems when it comes to driving. The presence of ice on the road, the possibility of snowfall, rain, wind, and many other things that can spoil good driving. And one of those dangerous things that can happen when driving in winter is that an ice plate forms on the windshield. Ice prevents vision, and if not removed well, it can be very dangerous. We are going to offer you some tips on how to remove ice from the windshield and drive safely.

The best, always, is prevention. To avoid freezing the windshield on a very cold night, while it is parked. It is important to cover the windshield with a thick blanket on the glass and held by the closed doors. It is not something that usually done, and it may be only possible in outdoor parking, but particular. Cardboard or newspaper can also be useful, although it is more complicated to hold it.

remove ice from the windshield

But if you can’t protect the windshield, you have to think about how to remove ice from the glass and get the right visibility. One thing to always keep in mind is, when winter comes, empty the windshield washer tank and fill it with windshield washer with antifreeze to prevent water from freezing when leaving and create the ice sheet during driving. Seriously, if you live in a place where there is usually no drop in temperatures, it can be very dangerous.

One of the methods is to start the car, connect the thermal window and the heating, orienting it towards the windshield. But with this system, you have to be careful, since the temperature difference can break the windshield. It is better to do it with time and avoid sudden temperature changes.

If the ice sheet is thin, you can choose to remove it with a plastic card. The idea may be to do it with the credit card, although it is much better to do it with any other. A member card of a club, or something similar, since the credit card can be damaged and also not remove the ice sheet well. Scraping can also do with a plastic ice spatula, much more practical and effective for this. If combined with antifreeze, we have the most suitable option to remove ice from the windshield.

remove ice from the windshield

What not to do

The use of hot water, although it is an idea that comes to mind immediately, is prohibited. The temperature change is much more abrupt than in the case of heating, which can cause a thermal shock that breaks the windshield. So better forget the water. Also, even if it is warm water, when it cools, it can freeze again, so it did not recommend it at all.

Salt is also not effective for defrosting the windshield. Although it prevents ice sheets from being produced and that is why the roads covered with it, it does not serve to defrost the glass of the car and also, by rubbing the glass with it, it can be scratched. These two options must be banished and always avoided to maintain the integrity of the windshield.


The headlights clean much easier than the windshield. If these are traditional lamps, turn on the headlights so that the heat produced eliminates the ice. In the case of xenon headlights, the light is much cooler, and if it is LED, it practically does not produce heat, so it is convenient to also remove the ice before moving. The best option we have already seen is to use a plastic scraper and antifreeze liquid.

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