How to install a HatchBack Exhaust System in Honda Civic Type R

Today I’m going to install a hatchback system on my Honda Civic Type-R. It’s a TTY hatchback system.

Push a car on some accents to work safe, then loosen the three bolts that hold your catalytic converter to your mid-pipe. You will get it done once you’ve loosened these, you can just take the mid-pipe off and then it still hangs in some rubber exhaust mounts which you can take off later. But first, you need to take out the back box.

First, you need to undo two mounts for your exhaust, they will get it off very easily twist the axles a little bit wiggles it. Then it should pop out then get the box out of the way so you can take the mid-pipe out of its rubber mountings.

Get the exhaust laying underneath the car as it should be hanging under the car. I got the old bolts out of converter because my exhaust fits if you have the same problem just get your teleconverter off, get a hammer and smack on it a few times and that will come out pretty easily.

When you’ve got the free bolts in, you can tighten them, make sure they are pretty tight don’t get the threat of it. I must get it we tight then it’s time to hang our mid pipe section in its rubber mountings. These needs to be real tight not too tight.

Once you’re finished installing your beautiful hatchback system it’s time to take a look at it and the most important thing start up and hear how it sounds.


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