About us

When you are unclear about where to begin, finding out about car tuning could be overwhelming. The tips you will find here should enable you to. This post will work as a smart method to start to becoming well-versed in car tuning, and it could help you save money too.

Why Honda Civic?

Honda Civic has a long history since 1972 to now and through several generating change. But whatever it changes, Honda Civic still to be the most popular models in the market. According to an exclusive report from AutoGear, Honda Civic is the best and hot-selling Top 10 hatchback car model on the world. It is fashion, it is young, it is powerful. That is why we choose it for our car tuning tutorial model.

What can we do?

Tuning could be creative, you can do anything to your car and make it unique. But for personal user, how to get start could be a question. Here we make some tutorials, showing you how to start from some simple tuning kit.


The exhaust tuning can bring three changes to you. First, it changes the sound when start engines; Second, it contributes to the special look of the vehicle; Third, it’s also possible to boost performance.

Air Intake:

Air intake system is designed to increase power and acceleration by reducing restriction in the intake path. But in some countries, air intake system is not illegal. So do check your local law before do this changing.


When you activate the air ride suspension kit automatically bring the car to a specific ride height that you want. You don’t need any prior experience with air ride at all any kind of air suspension experience to feel comfortable driving a car on air ride with a kit.

Many kit you can do on your car, just follow our website to learn.