Do You Know How to Take Children in the Car Safely

When traveling with children, caution must take, the child restraint system must use, and traffic regulations must follow.

When we go on a trip with the children, we have to go with caution. Yes, we know that this is something that must always take into account, but when there are children on board, this precaution must take. In summer, more than 90 million trips expected along the Spanish roads, and many of the cars that circulate on them will be families with children.

That is why AESVi, the Spanish Alliance for Child Road Safety, wanted to remind us of some tips for traveling with children safely with the car. The first thing we have to remember is to take the children always sitting in the car seat. The child restraint system must be adequate for the child’s weight and, of course, be properly approved.

Although it seems incredible, many people do not use this protection system for children, and some do not use it correctly, leaving the child loose too, supposedly, wear it more comfortably. An error that, in addition to carrying a significant sanction, can put your life at risk. Could you not play it?

Take Children in the Car

Other tips you should not forget are the following:

  • If it is a trip to take in the summer, make sure that the temperature inside is not very high. In addition to the fact, we find that the plastic of the chair or the metal parts of the seat belt burns from the sun, the interior of the car may be very hot. Leave the windows open, the doors for a while before putting the child in the car. In this way, the temperature will drop somewhat and will not be so annoying for him. Before sitting, turn on the air conditioner and raise the windows to make the temperature between 21 and 23 degrees.
  • There should be no loose elements around the child. Such as there are no toys, heavy objects, or pets. It is important because of a slowdown, a blow, or any incident; these objects can hit you and cause some damage. Pets must secure with their fasteners and objects, placed in their corresponding places and insured.

drive with children

  • A long trip has to prepare, and it is better to leave during less hot hours. It is convenient to do it during the first hours of the morning, the afternoon, when the sun has gone down, avoiding being on the road in the hottest moments. And, of course, you have to stop every little time to rest and for the child to move.
  • If it is necessary to be patient and calm when driving normally, if it is a trip with children, you must exercise caution. Driving has to be relaxed, so forget your nerves and be aware of the road and traffic signs.

Caution, patience, and warm nerves are what mark the norm when it comes to driving, but if there are children on board, you have to exercise caution and think that we are not alone on the road and that you have to drive calmly.

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