Some Tips for You When Driving During Holy Week

With the arrival of Holy Week, many of us see the opportunity to escape a few days from the city and stroll through our extensive country. The road, we know, can be dangerous and so here are some practical tips to enjoy this break to the fullest.


To make sure everything is in optimal condition, we must start with the tires. It is necessary to look in detail if the carving is well marked. Smooth tires are extremely dangerous, especially in the rain. Then, check that the pressure is adequate. If we travel with a lot of loads, it is better to place a little more air than the manual indicates. The control is integral, do not rule out consulting with an expert at the time of alignment and balancing.

Driving During Holy Week

The four fluids

As for the fluids to be checked, there is an indispensable quartet: the engine oil level, the coolant level, the brake fluid, and the water for the windshield wiper. Always with the engine cold and stopped, the first fluid is controlled with the rod for this purpose, removing it and checking the marks between minimum and maximum. If necessary, make the corresponding oil/filter change. The coolant must be at its level to avoid irreparable heating. When checking the brake fluid, they should not forget the pads because if they are not in good condition, they are responsible for the fluid drop. Once the windshield washer has filled, make sure the brushes are in good condition and have no signs of being dry.

Lights and straps

Another extremely important factor and one should not forget the headlights. Eliminating or discarding any dirt will make vision dim. On the other hand, the mechanic will tell us that we should check the timing belts, hoses, and air conditioning.

Driving During Holy Week

Final check

Before leaving the route, check that we have the spare tire ready, the fluorescent vest, a set of beacons, and the extinguisher. The latter must be within reach of the driver. Indispensable, too, a first aid kit. And finally, the necessary documentation:  driver’s license, vehicle ownership card, and proof of current mandatory insurance.

Drive safely

Finally, the last tips are not to use the cell phone while driving under any circumstances, as it distracts us from our pilot position, leaving everything ready for an accident to occur. Let’s always use seat belts. Children must be seated behind and always respect the maximum speeds and always travel in low lights.

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