The Automotive Led Lights Ultimate Buying Guide

The Inadvisable Buying Led Lights

1. the first type is a led bulb with one large LED. The large LED shines stronger, sometimes even too much, heats up more and does not have a clear focused light beam. The border is blurry. Sometimes, due to the large size of the diode, light falls on those parts of the reflector where it should not be. As a result, the light is too bright and poorly regulated, and also in the vast majority of cases blinds the oncoming traffic. It should also note that a large diode will become very hot, without proper heat removal. The bulb will quickly burn out, and it will not just fail but will spoil the optics of your car.

2. To the second type of LED bulbs that are not worth buying, I want to include a bulb with a large number of LEDs arranged in a circle. The bulb looks very good. However, it created by marketers, not engineers, and their main goal was to interest the buyer with a large number of LEDs. Since all these LEDs are at different heights and from different sides. As a result, it does not all reflect in the reflector. Moreover, due to the chaotic arrangement of the diodes, the light beam is fuzzy, and as a rule, does not have a sufficient range.

Automotive Led Lights

3. In third place, are LED bulbs with a fan cooler, which I also do not advise buying. Cooling of this type is very doubtful and very quickly fails, after which the crystal or crystals of the LEDs overheat and burn. More advanced models provide “protection” from overheating in the form of a temperature sensor. In the event of critical temperature, the sensor reduces the bulb performance and prevents the LEDs from failing.

Having a car replace 9006 led bulb in good condition is essential to prevent accidents. To go outside or on the road, we must check that all the components and accessories are in good condition. Among them, the different types of lights, which are important to your visibility on the road. A burnt-out light bulb does not illuminate with full power is a risk for those who travel in the car and for others.

Automotive Led Lights

See and Be Seen

It is important to know that the lights serve to see and to notice: they not only illuminate the place where we move, but they are a key factor to warn others that we are there. What’s more: in a car, the different types of lights have a “communication” function that everyone who drives shares. A good driver knows which light to turn on at each moment and how to interpret light changes in others.

The most common types of lights are:
– Low light or see light
– Long light
– Reverse light
– Fog
– Position lights
– Flashing (or turn light)
– Beacons
Brake light

Depending on the design you want to give to your car, you can change all your filament bulbs for car LED bulbs for your headlights, position lights, license plate lighting, interior light, fog lights. They are most easily to replace. For daytime running lights, you can replace the original halogen bulb for W21W led daytime running lights, giving a modern look to your car like the Audi. Finally, the LED bulbs for reversing lights produce quality lighting that you will appreciate with each maneuver to carry out at night.

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